Plastic Packaging

The production equipment ensures a complete technological process of manufacturing the bellow mentioned products, as well as the introduction of a new, modern technology that will contribute to the long-term maintenance of the products. This technology involves the use of 2 processes for obtaining plastic products, namely injection and blowing.

The plastic injection process is a way of manufacturing parts from thermosetting or thermoplastic polymers. The plastic material is inserted into the cylinder of the injection machine, where it is crushed and melted, thus reaching the liquid state it is introduced under pressure in a cavity of a mold that has the negative configuration of the part. The material is cooled and the part is ejected from the cavity. The process is repeated cyclically. By this process the lids and the handle for the cans will be manufactured.

Proper cooling of the injection molds must be ensured in all cases to obtain injected parts with minimal shrinkage and to shorten the duration of the injection cycle. This is done by cooling the injection mold using a system of cooling channels, using a coolant (water) from the “Chiler”. The blowing technology is made with the help of the blowing machine and represents the process by which hot air is introduced inside the mold cavity, where the plastic mass is located.

Under the action of hot air, the plastic will take the shape of the contour of the cavity. The principle is often used to produce containers made of different plastics. Through the blowing process, plastic cans are obtained, which cannot be made through the injection process due to the limitation of production only to the molds.

Both in the injection process and in the blowing process, non-compliant parts may appear as a result of inspections. These parts together with the additives specific to the injection process are recycled, being introduced in the mill where their chopping takes place. The resulting granules are mixed with the raw material to be reintroduced into the production process.

Since 2020 we are producing the following:

Plastic bottles between 0.5 l – 12 l with neck size between 28 mm until 45mm.

  • Bottles with a capacity of 1 liter with lid without safety
  • 5 liter bottles with safe capacity
  • 5 liter bottles with safety capacity and handle
  • Bottles with a capacity of 10 liters with safe capacity
  • Bottles with a capacity of 10 liters with safe capacity and handle

These cans will be used for the packaging of products such as: car oils (engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.), household and industrial adhesives (prenendez, aracet, primers, etc.).

The raw materials used to manufacture these products are:

  • Pre-forms or test tubes: different sizes and colours
  • HDPE high density polyethylene that the company buys from different importers such as: SC BRENNTAG SRL, SC AECTRA SRL, SC LUBRICANT ROM. SRL, SC ORBIT POLYMERS SRL
  • industrial dyes purchased from SC CHIMTEST SRL and SC PROCIV SRL
  • foil bags for packaging products purchased from SC SELF PLAST INVEST SRL